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The State of Jammu & Kashmir is under brutal subjugation of 600,000+ Indian mercenaries, who are licensed to kill by the Indian Parliament!!!  

60,000+ innocent people have been mercilessly butchered to death in the last 9 years in the occupied Kashmir. 

There is 1 soldier for every 6 Kashmiris, majority of whom are old men, women and children! 

Please take a moment to pray for those innocents killed in the recent terrorist attacks in the WTC and elsewhere in the US - These atrocities have shaken all of us! We need peace and good sense to prevail to make this world a better place!


Dear visitor,

You may be aware that it has been more than 50 testing years for our brethren in Kashmir. In the last 10 years or so, the hardships and miseries of Kashmiris have increased manifolds with the Indian State continuously upping the ante against a people asking for justice. Unfortunately as things stand, there seems no end to the miseries of those unfortunate Kashmiris whose only crime has been to ask for their right to self-determination.

The once beautiful valley is now a smouldering hell. The holocaust is being recreated in Kashmir almost every day. And it is a very unfortunate fact that the international media finds opportunity time after time to commemorate the 50 years old Jewish Holocaust, but hardly finds time to give due attention to the ongoing holocaust that is Kashmir.

My Kashmir Web Site started way back in 1994, when as a member of the External Relations Committee of Pakistan Students Association International, I worked on a campaign with some colleagues to bring Kashmir to the attention of people that mattered. Yes we did not have the money nor the control over the international media. But what we did have was something even more powerful, it was the voice of conscience and that of truth. And we had reckoned that the truth was out there, meeker in posture but perhaps bigger in numbers. Now that the greatest democratising tool, that is the Internet, was under our fingertips things had to change for the better.

The Kashmir Campaign of the PSAI did not last long. The devoted group that had formed the External Relations Committee soon disbanded with members graduating and getting lost somewhere in the realities of life, far removed from the virtues of idealism and yes also from the power of Internet. But then these days the Internet is getting mass acceptance. And many more thoughtful citizens of this planet are taking their due place in this mass medium of common people, and they are making themselves heard.

I hope that this Site slowly but steadily develops into a platform to bring such citizens together for the cause of Kashmiris which is indeed the cause of humanity. I invite you to express your views and suggest ways of highlighting the cause of Kashmiris around the world. I also invite you to spread the word around so as to help make this Web Site into an open forum of collaboration for those seeking to uphold the values of humanity.



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